The Real Purpose of Education

The Purpose of Education: Survive or Thrive?

Growing up in North America and in a lot of westernized cultures, we accept been indoctrinated with the concept, “In adjustment to get a acceptable job, you charge a acceptable education.” Indeed with the apple shrinking, the all-around association is now latching on to this principle. Today we’re traveling to allocution about the complete purpose of apprenticeship – YOUR purpose of education… is it to alone to survive or do you wish to thrive?

There’s no catechism that in this age of admonition and communication, a minimum accustomed of apprenticeship is an complete requisite just to exist. Those of us who are able to apprehend these words artlessly cannot brainstorm what it accept to be like to be benighted and try to action in this world. Yet for abounding reasons, an unsettlingly ample allotment of the world’s citizenry charcoal uneducated. The primary purpose of apprenticeship again would assume to admonition us get by.

Are We Confined This Purpose of Education?

Thankfully, abounding – if not a lot of – nations about the apple accept laws that accomplish apprenticeship advisedly attainable to everyone. With three basal styles readily attainable – formal, non-formal and breezy acquirements – there is a adjustment of apprenticeship to clothing just about anyone. All that’s larboard to do is for an alone to adjudge his or her own purpose of apprenticeship and what bulk is all-important to survive and/or thrive.

Let’s yield a abrupt attending at the three systems of ancestry and see how they are currently confined an individual’s purpose of education.

How The Academic Arrangement Serves The Purpose of Education

The academic arrangement is conceivably the a lot of familiar, not to acknowledgment the a lot of accustomed anatomy of apprenticeship a part of the automated nations. It’s the arrangement amenable for ‘getting a acceptable apprenticeship in adjustment to get a acceptable job’ rationale. While there are no guarantees for anyone to reside ‘happily anytime after’, there’s no catechism that those who auspiciously survive academic apprenticeship accept a audible advantage in today’s world.

Survive is the key chat here. For those with a purpose of apprenticeship of accepting a section of paper, academic apprenticeship can be a actual continued process… impossibly long! In my own experience, about 2,000 acceptance enrolled at my academy aback in 1971. Four years later, alone 40 of us accelerating with a Bachelor Degree.

Today, I am affective abroad from the capital conduct that decorates my diploma. At atomic I had 30+ years to administer and acquire a active from what I learned. Not anybody is so lucky. Stories abound of over-qualified amount holders, flipping hamburgers and parking cars because there is no plan for them in their field.

So does the academic arrangement serve the purpose of education? If we’re talking basal survival, again it’s actually ‘Yes’! Is it account all the years of arid ‘mandatory’ courses to hunt a amount that adeptness not even be account the cardboard it’s printed on? Allocution about a arch question!:)

The Non-Formal Arrangement and the Purpose of Education

The non-formal arrangement is agnate to the academic in that both accept a accepted ambition of accepting a section of cardboard – either a authority or affidavit – that allegedly eases access into the alive world. The advantage of the non-formal arrangement is that it offers individuals a little added adaptability in agreement of area and scheduling.

Students may accept in part-time or full-time courses demography abode during the day or on evenings and weekends, giving the adeptness to plan about accepted jobs and/or childcare and added responsibilities. Alternative ambit acquirements and self-study programs are aswell attainable for those who crave the absolute versatility.

As mentioned, acrimonious requirements of attendance, assignments, tests and a account of co-requisites still abide in adjustment to canyon anniversary course. Individuals accept to anxiously accede all factors to actuate if this systems satisfies the purpose of education, and ultimately if it is account it in the continued run.

Informal Arrangement Is Best for the Purpose of Education

Yes, I’m biased and I apperceive that abounding will disagree with me. That’s the accomplished point of initiating and aesthetic this discussion!

I was accomplished in the academic arrangement for 16 years and accomplished a academic arrangement of apprenticeship for over 30 years. That’s why I can say that the INFORMAL arrangement is for me, by far, the best to clothing a lot of people’s purpose of education. The breezy arrangement is like a behemothic buffet. You get to accept the exact courses that will serve your actual needs. You digest the actual and administer it as you like.



There are no certificates or diplomas to chase. Nothing to prove to anyone added than the after-effects you appearance from accepting advised something you are amorous about. No demography accidental courses that accept actually no acceptation or absorption to you. (For example, as a music apprenticeship above in college, I was appropriate to yield courses such as analysis and political science. What a decay of my time, abnormally with the closing subject!)

Mind you, would I wish to be operated on by a doctor who advised alone informally? Of advance NOT! The point of this commodity is to catechism the purpose of apprenticeship – does it admonition us to survive and advance in 2009 and beyond? Put addition way, do we all charge to strive to become doctors in adjustment to survive and thrive?

For the all-inclusive majority of us, the acknowledgment is a resounding, “NO”! Yet, what is the admonition the all-inclusive majority of us receive? “In adjustment to get a acceptable job…” with the association that the alone way to do this is through academic education.

Enough already.

In my music studio, I’ve had acceptance who acquired their avant-garde achievement ‘certificate’. Yet they can’t play a agenda for you today. I accept added acceptance who didn’t affliction about the cardboard chase. They just capital to play for the adulation of it! And oh, how they can play!

Who would you pay to accept to… the ‘paper’ boy, or the musician?

I blow my case.

The basal band is, you don’t charge a academic or non-formal apprenticeship to survive and thrive. For a lot of of us, the breezy accumulation will clothing our purpose of apprenticeship just nicely.

Now I adeptness accept just adored some of you bags of dollars and years of your activity if you anticipation the academic arrangement was the alone way to go. (you are actual welcome!)

You just gotta Adulation That Feeling!

The apple can assume like a crazy abode sometimes…

OK, a LOT of the time!